We train Android Developers with superpowers.

In Cactus School we train people to become successful software engineers following the master-apprentice model.

How do we train
market-ready developers?

We use project simulations, up-to-date learning materials and one-to-one mentorship to prepare you to the real world.

Project Simulations

We simulate a work environment where you need to work on real tasks, give status-updates, get your code reviewed and tested.

Personal Training

We teach you how to craft quality code and grow as a software engineer in personal sessions.

Hand-picked Materials

We curate the most up-to-date learning resources for you. When something is missing, we create one.

Intensive Learning Programme

We take training serious with personal lessons, daily status updates, weekly career meetings, monthly 1:1 mentorship sessions and more!

Cactus School is born from the need of a quality software engineer training program that teaches the necessary skillset for the industry.

Safa Orhan, Founder of Cactus School

Project Simulations

You will have to work on real-world grade projects, complete your tasks in time, get your code reviewed and tested.

Career Coaching

You'll be covered when it comes to you finding a job. From writing a compelling CV to studying for technical and behavioral interviews, we'll teach you how to ace in your career.

Learn with others

Be a part of a classroom where you learn together. You learn from the lectures and from each other. Being a part of a classroom will keep you motivated and on track.


Cactus School makes you learn.

We know that software training cannot be done by a couple of hours of watching videos. We take this seriously and use an overwhelming set of tools to make your learn.

Slack Workspace

You can reach your instructor anytime via Slack where complementary materials, inspirational readings, and extra lectures are posted constantly.

8 Private lessons

You will get trained by your instructor personally in 8 one-to-one lectures per month.

Monthly Check-ins

Your instructor will personally have additional 1:1 meetings with you to check if you are on track. You will have a mentor watching you closely.

One of the best investments for your career.

The worldwide average Android Developer salary is $95,847 / year. That's 26x more of what you pay Cactus School in a year!

I am in good hands and growing steadily. Cactus School is one of the best places to learn Android Development.

Muammer Akca
Full Package

299 USD

per month*
  • Monthly 8 personal lessons
  • Monthly 1:1 meetings
  • Weekly career meetings
  • Daily status-updates
  • Access instructors via Slack
  • APPLY NOW*KDV is included for Turkish residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the instructor?

Safa Orhan is the founder and lead instructor of Cactus School. Safa has more than 10 years experience in building quality software. He worked in several startups, corporates and businesses including those he co-founded, taught Android to dozens of students in international conferences, bootcamps, events, workshops and online classrooms.

How long is this program?

In Cactus School we accept apprentices from different levels of knowledge and different backgrounds. Everybody has a special journey and a personal pace. So you stay until you become the software engineer you want. You stay until you can create apps for the market. You stay until you land in your dream job. It's up to you.

I'm not a programmer. How much time does it get for me to become an Android Developer?

Statistically speaking it can take 6-12 months of training for you to get your first job. How much time and effort you put into Cactus School will affect dramatically how fast you get results. As we said, it's up to you.

I'm already a programmer. Will I benefit from Cactus School?

Heck a lot! You will learn advanced topics of how to architect Android apps, which libraries / frameworks to know by heart, how to create a testable and sustainable codebase and a lot more. There is always room for growth as a software engineer.

Who can apply?

Anybody who has the following conditions can apply to become an apprentice:
    - Speaks English. (Materials will be in English and you'll need to read and write in English)
    - Can commit at least 15 hours per week.

How do I pay?

Currently we only accept bank transfers. Payment details will be provided after you apply.

Still have questions?

Let's quickly hop on a Google Meet and discuss your questions and concerns. You can book a call with us for free and ask whatever you like!

We asked apprentices:

What is Cactus School for you?

Cem Demir@AndroidDev_C

Cactus School is a place where dreams come true. As a physicist, being a developer has always been in me. A unique institution with its interest and relevance to students. Achieving your goal is easy with the support of Cactus School.

Muammer Akca@AkcaMuammer

After a year of self-learning, I realized I was not growing. It was like stumbling in the sea without a clear target. Now that I found Cactus School and my mentor Safa, I am in good hands and growing steadily. Cactus School is one of the best places to learn Android Development.

Cem Fındıklı@cmfndkl

Cactus School guides me in experiencing the software lifecycle. Because I am trained personally, I improve my software engineering skills really fast. My training in Cactus School has been really helpful for me to become a qualified developer.

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